Hagens Berman/Society Consulting and Avanti/Blue Rooster Teams to join forces in 2016

October 9, 2015

Seattle, Wash. — Hagens Berman-Society Consulting and Avanti/Blue Rooster teams announced that their teams will join forces in 2016. Hagens Berman, a national class action litigation firm, and Society Consulting, a data and technology consulting firm, will remain as the team's title sponsors. Blue Rooster, a UX design and technology company specialized in SharePoint-based SaaS solutions, who is the current Avanti/Blue Rooster team title sponsor, will also remain a sponsor of the team in 2016. The team will merge under the established non-profit corporation Avanti Racing Team.

The teams are excited to join force and continue the growth and success from their programs while also playing a larger role in supporting the local cycling community. The new HB-SC brings more resources to a multi-disciplinary race team (Road, Cross, Track and MTB) committed to winning and developing racers and local cycling. HB-SC strives to help athletes balance family, career, support of the cycling community and social interactions to achieve a well-rounded and positive life.

Priority for 2016 will included expansion of the Cat 1-2 squad, broad investment in racer development programs across categories, continued backing of a leading women’s squad and sustained leadership of the Mutual of Enumclaw State Race.

An opportunity to meet the team will be this coming Saturday, October 10 at the HB/SC’s road Meet-The-Team-Ride, which is schedule for 9:00 am at the Leschi Park across from Starbucks.



Founded in 1993 with one purpose: to help victims with claims of fraud and negligence that adversely impact a broad group of people. The firm initially focused on class action and other types of complex, multi-party litigation always representing plaintiffs/victims. As the firm grew, it expanded its scope while staying true to its mission of taking on important cases that implicate the public interest, and now represents plaintiffs including investors, consumers, inventors, workers, the environment, governments, whistleblowers and others. They are one of the nation’s leading class action law firms, and have earned an international reputation for excellence and innovation in ground-breaking litigation against large corporations.


Founded in 2008 by 5 friends and business associates, the company brings together the best and brightest talent to deliver smart, efficient solutions for challenging technology projects. Leveraging our extensive network of savvy and dedicated tech professionals, we combine the necessary skills and expertise with proven strategies and best practices to yield reliable, innovative results.


Blue Rooster is a 15 year UX Design and Technology Company building SharePoint-based SaaS solutions that allow your employees to be more productive; whether that’s your corporate intranet, document center or knowledge base. Prior to 2015 Blue Rooster built Intranets for Global 500 companies as a professional service. These lengthy and expensive engagements were always difficult to launch and keep current. They started to notice that all of these engagements had the same Foundational features and benefits. In 2015 they launched Rise Foundation, a SaaS based product that delivers a user friendly experience for SharePoint and Office 365 that is easy to deploy for any size company, keeps your employees happy while driving adoption and usage of your investment in SharePoint.

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