Gran Fondo Kootenai Set for June 27 & 28

June 3, 2015

It’s just shy of four weeks to the start of the 2015 edition of Gran Fondo Kootenai. This two-day, fully supported, semi-competitive cycling event features some of the most enjoyable riding in the Northwest. Come for the challenge – epic day 2 course boasts one of the toughest climbs in the intermountain west – or come for the scenic beauty, the quiet roads, and the great hospitality in this remote corner of Montana.

Gran Fondo Kootenai: Saturday, June 27 & Sunday, June 28. Libby, Montana

Additional details may be found at

Oh…and last weekend near Libby while doing some course prep we saw:

numerous songbirds

one vulture (on accompanying roadkill deer)

several mule deer

two elk

one black bear

a pair of motorcycles, and…

seven cars

Come join us for an event that is one of the region’s best kept secrets!

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