Rogue Bicycles Launches Innovative Bikes Out of Redmond

November 12, 2014

Redmond, Wash. — Rogue Bicycles announces today the launch of two new urban bicycles that fully integrates everything you need to ride in the city, the Rogue C6 and Rogue C6+. These bicycles are designed for performance, functionality and style. They are equipped with integrated front and rear LED lights, a GPS-system and anti-theft location based services all embedded in the bicycle frame.

“From the start I knew I wanted a bicycle I didn’t have to think about. A bicycle I simply get on and ride; everything works, all packaged in a smart design,” said David Lupafya, Principal Designer of Rogue Bicycles. “It has high-end functional components and practical technological features all within the frameset.”

The Rogue C6 and C6+ have a unique design built for speed, agility, and all day comfort for the city commuter. The Rogue C6 is the first all carbon urban frameset, with a belt drive and weighs only 20.5 pounds. The proprietary Carbon Flux technology of the carbon fiber frameset also has a strength ratio of 7.5 times stronger than the standard aluminum while weighing only 3.5lbs. The C6+ has an aluminum frameset and weighs 26.5 pounds with a 6.5 pound frameset; making both versions convenient to carry and store.

“The development of the Rogue C6 family of bicycles emerged due to my inability to find a bicycle on the market that could provide me a lightweight, efficient machine to commute, tour, or leisurely ride with my family at a price point that would not break the bank,” said Lupafya. “As an avid biker and engineer I set out to design and manufacture the exact bicycle I was searching for; a reliable, technically advanced machine, with the best quality materials.”

The Rogue C6 and C6+ can be tracked from anywhere in the world if lost or stolen via an integrated location based services. The downloadable telematics application gives the rider distance traveled, maps, speed, time, hill slope and elevation on their mobile phone and comes with a custom weatherproof case and mount, that supports all models of the iPhone as well as the Galaxy S4 and S5. Beyond the actual technology, they have an 8-speed internal geared Shimano Alfine derailleur, front and rear hydraulic disk brakes that can stop on a dime even in the worst weather conditions. The Rogue C6 and C6+ have the highest quality components, technology and framesets.

To find out more about the Rogue C6, visit the website at or the Kickstarter campaign Rogue Bicycles Kickstarter Launch. The Rogue C6 will begin shipping April-June of 2015.

About Rogue Bicycles: David Lupafya became proficient in bicycle parts and mechanics at a young age growing up in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and in order to have a primary source of transportation. The Rogue C6 and C6+, are the first products from Rogue Bicycles out of Redmond WA, came to be out of necessity for a high quality product that was sleek but functional.

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