2015 NAHBS Show Updates & Important Info

October 27, 2014

The Countdown is On

We are less than 20 weeks away from the 2015 NAHBS show & the wheels are turning. We are ramping up registration, finalizing new awards and show events (did someone say bike race?), and getting stoked on all that is to come for attendees, media and exhibitors this March 6th-8th. Read below for the latest and greatest news from NAHBS, including how lesser-known Louisville, KY offers an extremely convenient, affordable, and cycling-friendly destination for 2015 show goers.

This month, NAHBS hired SMAK Strategies, a PR and Marketing firm based in Boulder, Colo., to spearhead show communications, press releases, eNewsletters, promotions, website content and more. SMAK has an awesome track record of managing successful communications plans for other events and industry partners, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the NAHBS family. SMAK will be working hard to generate greater exposure for the 2015 show and to promote all of our exhibitors within the cycling community.

New Award Category: the Artisan Award

We are excited to announce a new Award for the 2015 show: The Artisan Award. This award has been created to honor and recognize those builders who fabricate as much of the bicycle as possible, or even the entire bike from scratch.

Eligible candidates will be those that do the vast majority of work themselves, i.e those who make their own lugs or fittings, racks and/or create their own fenders or lights, etc. To be eligible, builders will have to provide photo or video documentation of the build AND have the photo album/video footage be available to the public and judges.

In addition to the Artisan Award, there will be over 25 Awards given out to builders demonstrating exceptional work.

With so much talent, so many people, and so many bikes in one place, why not put them to the test?! In this spirit. The 2015 NAHBS show also marks the first-ever (drumroll please)… Framebuilders World Championships of 'Cross (along with an additional race for others in the bike industry). Both events will be held at Eva Bandman Park and Cyclocross Venue, home to the 2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championships. More details and a registration link will be available soon ... stay tuned!

The “L” Word

Myth #1: “Louisville is an inconvenient, hard to reach city in the Southeast.”

Okay, let’s clear the air and talk about Louisville. It’s time to share the many benefits of this 2015 location and dispel some commonly held misconceptions.

Reality: Louisville is actually considered a Midwestern city. There are several major cities that are just a few hours drive from Louisville, including Cincinnati (1.5 hours), Indianapolis (1.5 hours), Nashville (3 hours), St. Louis (4.5 hours) and Chicago (5 hours). The Louisville International Airport (SDF) is large enough to be a substantial hub for popular airlines (including American Airlines, US Airways, and Delta) but small enough to offer quick and easy navigation. Another perk: it’s located very close to the interstate.

Myth #2: “Louisville is expensive.”

Reality: Hotel and rental car rates are very comparable to, if not better than, other cities. Car rentals average $28/day. Rates for the NAHBS host hotel, the Galt House, start at $135/night. (More information on these amazing accommodations below!). In contrast, another finalist for the 2015 show was Austin, Texas. The Texas State Legislature will be meeting during the NAHBS show and as a result, hotel rooms rates were upwards of $300 per night. We went with the more affordable option.

Myth #3: “Louisville isn’t a cycling friendly city or destination.”

Reality: in 2013, Louisville hosted the UCI Cyclocross World Championships and the feedback was incredibly positive. Those that traveled from out of town LOVED the atmosphere, along with a premiere cyclocross venue in the USA (Eva Bandman Park and Cyclocross Venue). At the 2009 NAHBS show held in Indianapolis, a very high number of attendees were from Louisville - in fact, many Louisville area bike shops were closed during the show weekend because their employees had all put in for days off to come to NAHBS. The Louisville Bicycle Club is also one of the oldest continuing clubs in the U.S. with over 1,500 members.

Myth #4: “Louisville has limited amenities and entertainment.”

Reality: Louisville has a wonderfully diverse independent food scene and was named one of the Top 5 “Foodiest” small cities in America by Bon Appétit Magazine. Loads of restaurants and breweries are located within the downtown area and the surrounding 2 -3 miles of downtown, offering something for everyone. Did someone say bikes and bourbon? The Bourbon Trail features the best Bourbon-producing distilleries in the world, all within a 90 minute drive from downtown.

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