NiteRider Celebrates 25 Years

October 2, 2014

San Diego, Calif. – NiteRider Technical Lighting is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. The company was born in San Diego, California and remains in the coastal city today. The lighting company is known throughout the industry as an innovator in bike lighting as well as its dedication to the night riding and racing community.

Founded by Tom and Veronica Carroll, the couple set out to light up the surf breaks and trails so Tom could escape the crowds on Southern California’s iconic waves. A surfboard shaper, skilled designer, builder and carpenter, he combined his talents and passion and before long, was able to launch NiteRider in the fall of 1989. “The recipe I needed for a light was hands-free, waterproof and extremely bright. That proved to be exactly what cyclists needed too. I couldn’t find a solution so we started building them myself at our kitchen table,” explained Carroll.

NiteRider Firsts

NiteRider is known for a history of innovation firsts in the lighting industry that are now common and adopted throughout cycling lights. These influential milestones include developing the first digitally controlled bike lights, incorporating HID lights into a bike light, first to use USB recharging and the first to produce a DIY system for consumer programmability.

Industry Commitment

Over 20 years ago, NiteRider stepped up to sponsor the first 24-hour race – 24 Hours of Canaan. Since that initial event, NiteRider has stayed firmly committed to supporting customers and racers by going above and beyond. Many cyclists remember NiteRider employees staying up all night to charge lights and essentially becoming a part of their customers’ race teams. Today, NiteRider fields two mobile support vans equipped with state of the art charging systems capable of providing high speed charges to over 300 lights simultaneously.

In addition to supporting events, the company has an exceptional line up of athletes across the U.S. and globally including cycling legend Tinker Juarez, four-time 24 Hour National Champion Josh Tostado, two-time National Champion and world record holder Jari Kirkland and Hall of Famers Brett Tippie and Wade Simmons. “A bright and reliable lighting system is the difference between winning and losing endurance cycling events. Because of this, I have been with NiteRider for over twelve years and it has been a very successful partnership,” noted Juarez.

NiteRider is celebrating its 25th anniversary at their headquarters in San Diego with a series of night rides, factory tours, and round tables to gather key feedback for future light design. To learn more about the 2015 product line, log on to

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