DZR Midnight Shoes

By Darren Dencklau

Also based out of San Francisco, DZR makes shoes that are both functional and fashionable. Straying from hard plastic soles and “bikey” looks, their street collection gets riders to their destination while also allowing them to blend in with the crowd once off the bike.

I received a pair of the Midnights a few months ago and have been wearing them daily. They have that classic skate shoe aesthetic I grew up with and are made of a mix of canvas, microfiber and rubber; these bovine-friendly sneakers also feature a “Variable Flex Shank” and elastic lace catch. The flat rubber soles make walking around a breeze and they can be worn with or without cleats for SPD-type pedals.

I’ve sported them on every commute since receiving them and have even used them on an extended “bike-fishing” weekend trip that included some hiking and bushwhacking while looking for a good spot to cast on the river. My new commute requires hopping on a bus to get to the other side of Lake Washington and there are several flights of stairs in the mix. No slipping or clomping around, like many of the diehard “road warriors” I witness, make each trip that much more enjoyable. These experiences have definitely made me a fan of wearing casual and comfortable shoes in lieu of stiff, hard plastic-soled mountain bike shoes — I now save those for the singletrack adventures.

They’ve held up particularly well, although walking over fields of baby heads along the river did cause a little separation of materials on the bottom of the shoes near the toe. That said, the Midnight is not meant to be a rugged hiking boot, but an all-around bicycle lifestyle sneaker. They are plenty wide enough for my feet, unlike a lot of other choices available. I’m definitely a fan, and foresee my continued support of DZR shoes in the future.

MSRP is $95 and there’s an option of purchasing either Shimano SH51 cleats (for an extra $23) or Crank Brothers 6° premium cleats ($26). Visit for more details.

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