Triple Eight Compass Helmet

By Darren Dencklau

Triple Eight makes protective gear for a slew of accelerated activities. The Compass bike helmet is a lightweight in-mold designed lid that offers ample head coverage, especially in the back, and features an adjustable Fit Dial system and a built in visor — it looks so Enduro, bro.

Out of the box, I found that it better fits a rounder head as opposed to an oblong-shaped head like mine, but once dialed it was snug as a bug in a rug and quite comfortable.

I’ve taken it out on numerous MTB excursions as well as worn it while commuting and the vents provided adequate airflow, although I haven’t tested it out in summer conditions — yet. It’s bulkier and heavier than my road helmets, but not by much, and the added protection gives me confidence on the wet and slick trails found in the Northwest.

Overall, it’s a winner. It does what it should and aesthetically the bright orange model I have often gets the attention of my riding buddies, as several have asked me, “Who makes it and can you get me one?”

MSRP is $75 and they come in gun matte, black matte and orange glossy colors. Visit for more details.

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